Lily Holland

Executive Director

Celebrity Relations

Lily joined Reality Rally as Lead Celebrity Handler in our first year. She quickly became an integral and valuable member of the Production Team, and was promoted to the Executive Team in her role of Celebrity Relations Coordinator as we moved into our third year. Working closely with Gillian, Lily oversees all Star activities at Reality Rally, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that the Stars have a memorable time at our event. With her experience providing exit interviews for a reality website from Stars of Survivor, Big Brother and Amazing Race, Lily brings a natural talent to working with the Stars, facilitating a personal and professional relationship with each one, always mindful of their generous contributions to our charity.

Lily moved to Temecula in 2000 with her husband and their two children. Diagnosed with Melanoma cancer in 2007, Lily knows first hand how receiving this difficult news can devastate a young family. Thankfully, her cancer was caught in time and removed with surgery. This experience has given Lily insight into the importance of having information and resources available to families in need, and drives her passion for Reality Rally and our wonderful charity, Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.

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