What's "The Game"?

The Reality Rally "Amazing Race" style game is back!

Saturday, May 5th, 2018 from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Check in opens 7:30am. Must be checked in before 8:45am

Exciting 2018 enhancements to increase funds raised for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center

Deadline April 28th. No exceptions: sorry!

New for 2018. Reality Star fundraising total not added to Team for game advantages. 

  • We're asking all teams to raise a minimum of $100 per player to help raise funds for Michelle's Place.
  • When you fund raise, it's a win win!  You gain "Game Advantages" and Michelle's Place can help more clients!
  • Raise $500 to be assigned a random Reality TV Star on your team. In addition when you reach $500 each member will be awarded a 5 day 6 night Mexican Vacation. For details See FAQ's
  • Raise $1000.00, you can choose your Reality Rally TV Star.
  • Don't miss out on your favorite Reality Star!  Start fundraising today!
  • When you fundraise, you can earn Skip-its and U-Turns.  They are HUGE game advantages!
  • Teams can use the earned Skip-it and U-Turn to skip a challenge.
  • Teams that raise $1300.00 by midnight April 28th will earn "ONE" Skip-It
  • Teams that raise $4000 by midnight April 28th will earn a U-Turn.
  • Teams can earn multiple U-Turn's!
  • For every $4000 raised, a U-Turn is awarded.

Reality Rally is a 3 hour "Amazing Race" style game with 12 challenges all over a 1 mile radius in beautiful Old Town Temecula. Challenges can be silly, mental or physical. Our wonderful Challenge Checkpoint Partners create new challenges every year. Running not required.

Teams are given instructions at the beginning of the game during the "Opening Ceremonies". Listen carefully, strategize, and choose the route your team wants to take to complete the challenges. Teams must stop at each Challenge Checkpoint and complete a series of challenges. Impress the Challenge Checkpoint Partners so your team will be given their completion token and can advance to the next Challenge Checkpoint.

  • All 4 team members must stay together when checking in and participating in the challenges. Teams cannot start a challenge unless all team members are present. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Participants must be 14 and over with only one (1) minor per team
  • As this is a charity event there may be a challenge which includes a small donation as part of their challenge. Be prepared, take some cash.
  • Once you have completed all Challenge Check Points...RACE TO THE FINISH LINE!
  • Your team of 4 members must be together to enter the "Finish Line"!
  • Missing a teammate? Find them! So you can advance to FINISH MAT!

The Game begins the moment YOU sign up. 


  • Click here to buy your Game ticket
  • Ticket sales close on March 30th or when 80 teams have signed up! Don't wait, SIGN UP TODAY!
  • First challenge is FUNDRAISING for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.
  • Star selection is based on availability and your fundraising.
  • You decide where you will use "Skip its and U Turns". Hand the certificate to that Challenge Checkpoint Partner who will give you your completion token in exchange so you can move to the next checkpoint.
  • You will receive your SKIP-It and U-Turn Certificates on Saturday game day.
  • When your team has completed all of the Challenge Checkpoints, DASH to the FINISH LINE at City Hall steps. You will be checked for completion and YOU MAY be the winner!!!
  • Remember, this is a Charity Event for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. At the Finish Line, you will meet the Watson Family, Michelle's parents and the founders of Michelle's Place.
  • Winning Divisions will receive their winning trophies at the Trophy Ceremony at 1:15pm at the "Finish Line" 
  • Free to come and watch the teams compete at the Challenge Checkpoints.
  • Follow your team but you cannot join your team in the challenges!!!!
  • It's open to the public, so come on down and join us for a great time watching the teams and their Reality Star!

Reality Rally ~ Michelle's Place Super Fundraisers!

Teams that raise these amounts by April 28th 2018 will receive additional recognition.

$4100 - $4999 Fundraising Level

  • Receive Michelle's Place Thank You Certificate

$5000+ Super Team Fundraising Level

  • Recognition at Michelle's Place
  • 2 Tickets per team member to Celebrity Reception at Wilson Creek Winery
  • Recognition on the Red Carpet

"2018 Top Team Fundraiser"

  • The Team that raises the most over $5000.00 will be awarded the "2018 Top Team Fundraiser" trophy
  • Trophy presentation will be during the Opening Ceremonies, Saturday, May 5th at 9am

Remember, fundraising may help you earn game advantages...but Michelle's Place will win with the money you raised

Deadline for Game advantages: Midnight, April 28th

Recap on how you may win while Michelle's Place wins.

  • We're asking all teams to raise $100 per team member to help the clients at Michelle's Place.
  • Raise $500 to be assigned a random Reality TV Star.
  • $1000.00 to chose your Star off the Reality Rally Star line up
  • $1300.00 to earn "one" Skip-It to skip one challenge.
  • $4000.00 to earn a U-Turn to bypass a challenge.
  • With each additional $4000 raised, you will receive another U-Turn.

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