Fundraising Templates

We have prepared several templates for you to customize and use to help you raise funds for Michelle's Place though your fund raisers.

You can download onto your computer and customize the information for your offer/event. In the body of the flyer do not hit delete the Type Text here as that deletes the template.

Place your cursor before the word Type and delete and enter your text.

You can then print them to post and distribute.

To post on Facebook/Social Media do the following as you need to make it into JPEG as we cannot.

Down load as above. Print after your information is on the flyer. Scan into your computer file and chose JPEG when prompted. That will then post on Facebook/Social Media.



Autograph Flyer Word Doc
Blank Flyer Word Doc
Call Flyer Word Doc
Donate Flyer Word Doc
Meet/Eat Flyer Word Doc
Shop/Buy Flyer Word Doc