Frequently asked questions

  • Reality Rally is a “Fun for Funds” weekend long charity event in Temecula's Beautiful Wine Country in sunny Southern California, created by "Survivor: Gabon" contestant, Gillian Larson.
  • Net proceeds benefit Temecula-based Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.
  • Please click the link for Gillian Larson's Story.
  • The event is run entirely by dedicated volunteers

Gillian read Michelle’s Story years ago and was struck by the tragedy Michelle and her family faced because of a misdiagnosis. She vowed that if she ever had the opportunity to raise funds and awareness of what the Center provides, she would, to help prevent another family facing that same tragedy. This vow is being fulfilled by Reality Rally and all that make it possible.

In Temecula ~ Southern California’s beautiful wine country.

  • Thursday evening: Pechanga Resort & Casino
  • Friday evening: Wilson Creek Winery
  • Saturday day: All over Historic Old Town Temecula
  • Saturday evening: Temeku Hills Country Club Ballroom
  • Host Resort: Pechanga Resort & Casino
  • If you are within a 3.5 hour or less drive to Temecula from your home address, you are considered a “LOCAL” star.
  • Local stars are given a $50 gas credit ex: $50 + $650 = $700 donation.
  • Local stars must raise $650 by the deadline date March 12th.
  • Your arrival day is Thursday.

You are considered a "Distant" Star if your drive is more than 3.5 hours or fly into Southern California.

  • Distant stars must raise $700 by the March 12th deadline.
  • Your arrival day is Thursday.


Yes, Thursday arrival is mandatory for all stars.

You’ll receive emails regarding your next step and be guided through the registration process.

  • STEP 1: Reality Rally Participation Rules - You will need to read, agree to and submit the form stating that you have read the participation rules as soon as possible.
  • STEP 2: Bio and Picture - New Stars: Please send both as soon as possible. Returning Stars: We will use your most recent bio and pic if you were a star at 2017 Reality Rally. All other returning stars must submit a new bio and pic.
  • STEP 3: Fundraising Link - Your fundraising link will be sent to you. (See Fundraising below)
  • STEP 4: Flight Information and Book Flight (Distant Stars Only)
  • STEP 5: Confirmed Star on the Official Star Lineup
  • STEP 6: Reality Rally Participation Confirmation
  • STEP 7: Celebrity Relations Handler Introduction
  • Important Emails - Event information from, our Celebrity Relations Director, will be sent throughout the registration process.

Reality Rally is a huge event that requires a massive effort to ensure that the weekend proceeds in a safe and appropriate manner that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The goal of the Participation Rules is to help make the coordination of our event as seamless as possible, while maximizing the fundraising for our charity.

The Participation Rules will need to be read, agreed to and returned to us, as soon as possible, in order to move forward in the registration process.

It's your place to shine on your Bio page which will be found at Reality Rally Star Line Up on Reality Rally website.

  • Bio: A paragraph or more telling about yourself and why you do charity work.
  • Picture: Any picture you like of yourself or from your show.
  • Check out other star bios/pics on the “Reality Star” drop down at the top bar of the website.

Starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday when you depart Reality Rally.


  • All Stars arrive at resort to register for event and resort check in
  • Lip Sync Showcase at Pechanga Resort & Casino


  • Visit to Michelle’s Place to meet the Watson family and see the center
  • Celebrity Reception and Evening of Entertainment at Wilson Creek Winery
  • Please bring cash/credit cards to purchase alcohol or non alcohol drinks
  • Bite size tastes from Sponsored Restaurant & Food vendors
  • Wilson Creek wines by glass or bottle & beer available for purchase


  • Temecula City Hall and sponsored breakfast
  • Teams in Opening ceremonies
  • Reality Rally Amazing Race type game, 14 and over with one minor per team
  • Celebrity Chefs Showcase at Temeku Hills Country Club Ballroom - Chef vs Chef in a Chopped like competition
  • Food and Beverages (alcohol and non alcohol) available for purchase


  • Stars travel home

Pechanga Resort and Casino

  • Discover the excitement and pleasure of the #1 casino in America, where winning is in the air and anything can happen.
  • Discover first class accommodations in one of their beautifully appointed and spacious guest rooms or suites.
  • Pechanga's 11 restaurants, including the AAA 4-Diamond Award winning Great Oak Steakhouse, recognized by Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast magazines for its exceptional wine list and an awesome food court.
  • Pechanga's 72-par award winning 18-hole golf course is where stunning terrain meets the challenge of links created by one of the world’s premier course designers. Cap your day of world-class golf with breathtaking views and great food at the clubhouse bar and restaurant, Journey’s End.
  • Relax by Pechanga's magnificent Pool area with slide, unwind with a tranquil Spa experience and so much more!

All of our events, with the exception of the Lip Sync Showdown (we encourage attendance so you don't miss the fun) & Celebrity Chefs Showcase*, are mandatory for Stars, beginning on Thursday the first day of the event through Sunday when you depart.

The public donates their money to support these events and meet you, as promoted in all our materials.

(*Celebrity Chefs must attend the Showcase)

We ask that you not miss a mandatory event, it's mandatory.

Please keep in mind the public pays an entry fee to each event to meet you and raise funds for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. 



This must be prearranged with our Celebrity Relations Director before March 12th.

  • Please understand deviating, from any part of the weekend, causes challenges for our event and the public that pay to see you.
  • San Diego Airport (SAN) transport is provided on Thursday and Sunday ONLY.
  • If your donation amount is under $1400 by the by the March 12th deadline, your roommate will be assigned to you.
  • Rooms are assigned based on arrival date, gender and compatibility.
  • Request for roommates will be considered, but NOT guaranteed with both stars sending an email to the Celebrity Relations Director.
  • Budget constraints dictate that we book and fill rooms early.
  • Changes may be an additional expense which would take away from our charity.

Yes, raise $1400 by the March 12th deadline to have a guest (non reality star) in your room.

Temecula average temperatures in the spring are in the high 70’s daytime, high 50’s at night.

Please check our Private Facebook Reality Rally Star group for weather information as we get closer to the event.

Southern California Weather Force is a great source of information on SoCal weather.

  • Thursday Night - Casual
  • Friday is inside and outside - Red Carpet attire/dressy
  • Saturday - Provided Red Star Race T-shirt comfortable dress & shoes
  • Saturday Night - Dressy or business casual for those attending - Chefs wear our sponsored Chef Works appearal 

You will be given your Reality Rally Red Star t-shirt on arrival, which is to be worn Saturday

If your team makes a special T-shirt or costume you may wear it. You will be contacted by your team.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes when you play the Game.

  • Reality Rally Volunteers will be in the “Green Room” and will put your belongings securely away in a bag provided for you and labeled with your name.
  • We do not advise bringing valuables.
  • Carry your cash and credit cards safely on you.

The meals and snacks provided are sponsored and as much as we try to accommodate special dietary needs, we cannot promise that a sponsor will come on board to provide them.


  • Do NOT bring your OWN alcohol into any of our venues or our host hotel bars, restaurant or lobby.
  • Our sponsors benefit from alcohol purchases.
  • Bringing your own alcohol jeopardizes our sponsorship and insurance policy and you will be asked to leave immediately.

Reality Rally will open a Network for Good fundraising page for you, link it on our website and send you the links in an email.

Never use a previous year’s fundraising link/page. (See above Bio and Picture)

Mail In Donation Form

Please mail checks to:

Reality Rally, Inc.
41893 Niblick Rd
Temecula, Ca. 92591
  • Please click the link for our Mail In Donation Form.
  • Print and fill out the form
  • Please make check payable to Reality Rally, Inc., 
  • Include the donors email address in the "memo" area in order for us to to thank them 

This is the only way we can make this event happen and have the net funds for our charity.

Your fundraising will provide much needed resources and support for women and their families during a difficult time in their lives.

Reality Rally does not have a Corporate Sponsor that covers all Star expenses, we cover all expenses which increase each year, with event ticket sales and fundraising.


Reality Rally is a charity event and we must be mindful of our spending.

The deadline date is needed not only for budgeting purposes, it also enables us to book the best deals we can for resort rooms, airfare, event venues, airport and inter-venue transportation and also allowing time for printing of promotional materials, t-shirts, etc., needed on time for the event.

The more money we can save, the more Michelle's Place will benefit.

Remember, the deadline is only for the initial $700 minimum donation. We encourage you to continue to raise funds for this amazing charity until the May 31st deadline!

Yes, Local Stars start with a $50 credit under Gas Credit for locals on our Stars Fundraising Totals page.

You will need to raise $650.00, bringing your total to the required $700 by the March 12th deadline (ex: $50 + $650 = $700)

PLEASE NOTE: A $1400 donation by the March 12th deadline is still required for a private room and one VIP Guest Pass for a non-reality star. (see below).

As soon as you have returned the Reality Rally Participation Rules agreement, along with your bio and photo, we will set up a fundraising page for you and send you your fundraising links.

Please post and email your fundraising link out to everyone you know to alert them to your fundraising effort.

Your link can also be found by clicking on the donate button on your Reality Rally website bio page.

  • March 12th NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • The $700 can be fundraised or personally donated by the deadline date.
  • To qualify for a private room and VIP Guest Pass, you must raise or donate $1400 by the March 12th deadline

We encourage continued fundraising efforts beyond our March 12th qualifying deadline.

The deadline to be included in the Star Recognition Levels is April 26th.

Below are the Star Recognition Fundraising Levels:

  • $1000 - $1399 Bronze Star Level = Michelle's Place and Senate Recognition Certificates
  • $1400 - $2099 Silver Star Level = Recognition at Michelle’s Place and Certificates
  • $2100 - $4999 Gold Star Level = Recognition at Michelle’s Place, Red Carpet and Certificates
  • $5000+ Super Star Level = Recognition at Michelle’s Place, Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony and Certificates
  • Super Star Top Fundraiser = Receives all the above and a Trophy

Reach out and find a company who would like to donate a minimum of $700 to your fund, we will add their logo, linked to their company website, onto your bio page as a sponsor.

This provides them with company recognition and the global reach we have though our event.

This fulfills your $700 requirement when credited to your totals. 

A Corporate Match is a company that will match your fundraising amount on your personal fundraising page.

Some companies give a donation for Volunteer Hours  - check to make sure if your place of employment offers this perk.

When you send out your appeal email and posts, ask if anyone can give you a Corporate Match of funds raised.

Most companies do have either available if asked.

You provide with their contact email and Michelle’s Place provides them with what they need.

Once the money is received it goes into your fundraising totals.

Same as above.

You provide with their contact email and Michelle’s Place provides them with what they need.

Once the money is received it goes into your fundraising total.

Here is a list of Fundraising Ideas & Fundraising Templates.  

You can google for additional ideas.

Ask other stars for their ideas.

Your required $700 donation, received by the March 12th deadline includes:

  • San Diego (SAN) airport transportation on Thursday and Sunday ONLY (Distant Stars)
  • Resort room shared with another Reality Star
  • 1 sponsored Swag Bag
  • Some sponsored meals/snacks
  • VIP entrance to each party (no guests)
  • Red Carpet photo op
  • Participation in Reality Rally's Amazing Race type game
  • Reality Rally's official Star Red Race T-shirt
  • 1 Commemorative Program 
  • Transportation to all events (no guests)
  • Event security
  • Included in all promotional materials, access to radio and podcast interviews
  • No alcohol provided during the weekend, but will be available for purchase
  • Do NOT bring your OWN alcohol into any of our venues or host hotel restaurant, as this jeopardizes our insurance policy and you will be asked to leave immediately

Your $1400 donation, received by the March 12th deadline includes:

  • All the benefits above with your $700 raised funds PLUS
  • Your own private room 

This allows you one VIP Guest Pass (non-reality star only) which allows your VIP Guest:

  • San Diego Airport transportation when coordinated with our Travel Agent on Thursday & Sunday ONLY
  • Inter-venue transportation to all events
  • VIP all access lanyard
  • VIP access to parties
  • 1 Commemorative Program
  • Some meals/snacks
  • Shared room with you
  • Your VIP Guest is responsible for their own airfare

Your $1400 donation, received by the March 12th deadline, allows you to invite one guest (non-reality star) to join you for the Reality Rally “Fun for Funds” weekend, which includes:

  • San Diego Airport transportation when coordinated with our Travel Agent on Thursday & Sunday ONLY
  • Inter-venue transportation to all events
  • VIP all access lanyard
  • VIP access to parties
  • 1 Commemorative Program
  • Some meals/snacks
  • Shared room with you


  • On the Red Carpet with you during the Red Carpet Parade 
  • Play The Game with you, unless they buy a game ticket and their team raises $1000 to request you (see game rules below under “The Game”).

You will need to make arrangements for your VIP Guest to stay in another room at their own expense.

Reality Rally is not responsible for additional rooms for VIP Guests.

We can only provide a private room and VIP Guest Pass to Stars that met their $1400 on or before the deadline date of March 12th. There are NO exceptions.

You will receive recognition throughout the event based on your fundraising totals at 11:59pm on April 26th.

No, all flights must be booked through our Travel Agent.

New for 2018 all flights must be booked through our Travel Agent up to $400, you are responsible for any amount over $400 at the time of booking

No, donations raised cannot be refunded.

Once donated, the money helps our wonderful charity, Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.

Click for Michelle's Place Website

No, everyone must raise their own funds.


Fundraising links are separate and can not be shared.

Michelle's Place is thankful for each dollar donated.


There is an ongoing star fundraising list that is updated often on the website.

The fundraising list will show:

  • Amounts raised by the stars
  • Local gas credit
  • Offline donated amounts

Click this link for the Reality Rally Star Fundraising Totals 

It’s a great way to experience Reality Rally all weekend in style.

Check out the VIP Experience Video

  • Must be purchased on or before March 12th. Availabilty is limited 
  • $1400 to purchase VIP package for one or two. ($2164 Value):
  • Airport Ground Transport on Thursday & Sunday from/to San Diego Airport ONLY
  • 1 room for 3 nights for 2 people (3rd person add on $700 in the same room)
  • Thursday night Pechanga Resort & Casino Lip Sync Competition Showdown Tickets
  • Celebrity Reception at Wilson Creek Tickets
  • Personalized Team 2018 fundraising link
  • Choice of one Star to race with (see “Game” below)
  • Team introduction with your one chosen Star
  • Some sponsored meals and snacks
  • Intervenue transport with the Stars
  • Commemorative Program for each VIP in room
  • 1 Swag Bag
  • Personal Handler (see “Celebrity Relations” below)
  • Green Room Access
  • Red Carpet Presentation (see below)
  • Visit to Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center
  • VIP Lanyard


Please click Game FAQ’s for game and fundraising information.

The Reality Star/VIP Guest/VIP Experience side of Reality Rally.

It consists of the Celebrity Relations Director, Travel Agent and Handlers.

If you have any questions pertaining to the star side of the event you can contact the Celebrity Relations Director or your Handler, once connected.

Once you are confirmed as a Star attending Reality Rally you will be connected with your handler by the Celebrity Relations Director.

After the deadline date you will be assigned a "Handler" who will be your contact person throughout your time at Reality Rally.

  • Your will be the person you should go to with any questions before, during and after your time at Reality Rally.
  • Your Handler is a good source of information.
  • Your Handler is there to help you and to make your weekend hassle free.

After the Fundraising deadline date, March 12th, you will receive an email from our Celebrity Relations Director connecting you to your Handler and your handlers contact information.

Yes, if we are still lucky enough to have him/her volunteering for us, your previous Handler will automatically be assigned to you. You will receive an email from our Celebrity Relations Director giving you your Handler’s updated information as soon as you reach your required $700 donation goal.

Raise $700 for our charity by the March 12th deadline date, and we cover your airfare up to $400.

Any amount over $400 will be paid by the star at the time of booking.

Upgrades, Early Check-In, Baggage Costs, etc. are NOT covered by Reality Rally.

You must immediately contact our Celebrity Relations Director, Lily Holland.

Immediately call your airline and requested a Medical Exemption for a medical excuse, which must be done by you.

If you are a No Show, you will be billed for the airfare and your room for reimbursement to Michelle’s Place, our event charity.

As soon as you reach your $700 required donation you will then go into travel plans (air and ground).

You will be connected to our Sponsored Travel Agent who will make all your flight arrangements.

If you are unable to book at that time, please explain the circumstances and the date that you can be booked.

NO flights will be booked after March 12th.

The sooner flights are booked, the better the chance of a good rate that in turn helps our charity, Michelle's Place and for you.


  • Once you reach the $1400 required amount for a VIP Guest you will be sent a Private Room form and the information will be there for you to fill out regarding your VIP Guest.
  • Our sponsored Travel Agent will contact you for your VIP Guest information.
  • You or your VIP Guest will be responsible for payment for the entire airfare at the time of booking.
  • Your guest will be included in the ground transportation at no cost to you, if their flight plans are arranged with our travel agent.
  • Again, a private room and VIP Guest Pass will only be issued if you raise $1,400 by the March 12th deadline.

If a VIP Guest or VIP Experience purchaser would like to use our San Diego Airport from/to transportation we will need an itinerary by the March 12th deadline date. 

New for 2018 you can not book your own flights to Reality Rally.

Reality Rally pays up to $400 for flights, you are responsible for any amount over $400 at the time of booking

Flights can only be booked through our sponsored Travel Agent.



Immediately contact our Travel Agent first, then notify your Handler. You will have all their numbers.


  • You can arrange with our Travel Agent to book your flight for the dates you'd like to travel.
  • Any amount over $400 will be your responsibility to cover and pay in full at the time of booking.
  • Please keep in mind that ground transportation to and from the San Diego airport is provided on Thursday and Sunday Only, and must be pre-arranged with our Travel Agent and Ground Transportation.
  • You are responsible for any arrangements and costs that do not fall within our event dates, Thursday-Saturday night.

Yes, our Travel Agent coordinates all arrivals and departures to facilitate our ground transfer schedule.

We only transport to and from San Diego airport (SAN) on Thursday and Sunday only.

We do not make any other ground transport arrangements.

You will receive complete information from Gillian closer to the event dates.

You will contact your Handler if there are any problems with your ground transport.

Contact our Travel Agent and your handler as soon as possible. 

You may have to, at your own expense, call Uber, Lyft or the like to make your way to Temecula.

Yes, all flights must be booked through our travel agent on or before the deadline date.


We strongly disapprove of this for many reasons:

  • Our charity pays for each star to have a seat on all event transport which is booked and paid for on March 16th
  • Every seat not used is taking money away from our charity
  • Alcohol is available for purchase, we provide our paid transport for your safety and our insurance coverage
  • Everyone's safety is of the utmost importance
  • All stars arrive/leave at the same time/same place
  • Stars receive valuable information about each event from the handlers on the bus

We ask that you ride our transport to all events.


ONLY if your fundraising amount is $1400 by the deadline, March 12th.

This qualifies you for one non-reality star VIP Guest pass that will allow transportation and tickets to all events with you. No exceptions.

All others will need to find their own transportation to events and purchase tickets. 

Yes, at your own expense if your fundraising total is under $1400. 


Book their own room, purchase event tickets and use their own transportation to events

Raising your $1400 donation, received by the March 12th deadline, allows you to invite one (1) guest (non-reality star) to join you for the Reality Rally “Fun for Funds” weekend.  

Airfare would be each guests responsibility - Reality Rally doesn't pay for VIP Guest flight costs.

Reality Rally is a 3 hr “Amazing Race” style game:

Please check out The Game link for more information.

No, Stars cannot pick their team mates. Public teams are raising money to have the opportunity to choose a Star for their team.


They must buy a Game ticket off the website Reality Rally Amazing Race Game Tickets and raise $1000 and their team can request you as their star. Participants must be 14 and over with only one (1) minor per team


In order to choose you they will need to sign up to be on a team and the team must raise $1,000 to pick their star of choice.

Yes, but they cannot compete in any challenges or help you in any way.

All 4 team members must return to the Finish Line and report to the Finish Line Coordinator.

You will then be assigned a Substitute to finish the Game, if subs are still available.

We ask that all Stars participate in the Amazing Race type game unless you physically cannot. 

If you physically cannot participate Gillian has Checkpoint Cheerer assignments she schedules during race time for you.