Koop Wynkoop

Koop Wynkoop

Hell's Kitchen

Participating Years

  • 2017

Koop is first and foremost a family man. His girlfriend Jen and their two children AJ and Aly live in a small community in Ohio where farm to table is not a concept but a way of live. The culinary industry is a second life for Koop starting his professional career as a laborer in a local factory straight out of high school. Koop did not know what path to take in life until after his son was born and he was laid off work due to the economic recession. This is when he became interested in the culinary world. Cooking for family was something that was enjoyable and not just another chore. After enrolling and graduation from the Columbus Culinary Institution Koop began his professional culinary career as an entry level fry cook but within a year was able to be coordinating his first wine paring and start to make a splash in the local culinary world. Always the one up for a challenge the opportunity to be a part of Hell's Kitchen was something he did not want to pass on. After going through the application process he was cast for season 16 of Hell's Kitchen. Since returning home from Hell's Kitchen Koop has embraced his local roots and his doing his best to educate on where our food comes from and why it is so important to know that your food comes from the farm not the grocery store.

Koops mother is a cancer survivor who is celebrating 5 years in remission in 2017 and hopes to be a part of any great organization that is leading the charge to help not only cancer patients but their families as well.