Team Divisions

Game Day, Saturday, April 8th, 2017

All Teams play against each other.  The winning "Team" from each division will win their Division Trophy.  

Watch for your favorite 2017 Teams and Reality Stars. All Teams and Stars are raising money for Michelle's Place.  Donate to your favorite Team & Star today!

All fundraising totals were last updated: Apr 08, 2017 03:01 PM 

Fun Friends

3 or 4 Fun Friends having fun together for a great cause.

VIP Fun Friends

Our VIP Pass Attendees have purchased our VIP Pass and choose their Star as a part of your VIP Pass!

Triple J

Reality Star: Jason Roy
Fundraising Total: $1475
Place In Race 2017: 19th, 1st VIP Pass Fun Friends Division!

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Corporate Challenge

Teams who want to represent and promote their businesses. Click the company website link to explore that company

The Valley Intercity Challenge

Teams who are City Council, City Management Staff and those seeking office who want to leave the other Cities in the dust.

Battle of the Badges

Teams of First Responders and Military Services.

Heart of Health

Teams representing area Hospitals and Medical Providers

Charity Chalice

Teams representing their charity and the good work they do.