Free Things To Do Saturday April 8th 2017

Watch the Reality Rally Opening Ceremonies at Temecula City Hall. 9am

See over 100 Reality TV Stars be presented to the Teams

Chase around Old Town or just sit at one Checkpoint area and watch your team do our Amazing Race Type game

Go to The Palomar Hotel Challenge Checkpoint and listen to some French, Italian and Spanish as a cultural challenge takes place. Learn a little about The Hotel Palomar. One of the oldest hotels around and its haunted

Watch the cheer leaders cheer for the teams

Watch the Great Oak Step team cheer in the teams at City Hall Saturday 11am-1pm

Find a TV Star. Carry your camera to all the Challenge Checkpoints and capture the moment.

Get a Selfie with a TV Star all over Old Town 10am-1pm

Enter the Challenge Checkpoint and Old Town Temecula Scavenger Hunt. Full information to follow.

Stop by the Old Town Temecula Gunfighters Challenge Checkpoint for a photo of you in the Old West

Visit the Temecula Valley History Museum and see our past. Donation optional

“Get a Kiss from Chopper” the Bike Riding dog

Browse around the market and watch the Teams do silly things, perhaps they might need your help.

Stop by the Old Town Temecula Community Theater and The Merc and watch the teams do impromptu challenges