Reality Rally "Why" testimonial series

by Gillian Larson

There has to be a "WHY". When you want to do anything in life, it is always after you ask yourself "why do I want to do that" This series of blogs will be "WHY" so many people are part of Reality Rally.

 The Reality Rally "Amazing Race Teams" are fun people who want to be part of unusual game, race, whatever one calls it. A game where they can be challenged, be ridiculous doing fun things all over Old Town Temecula that could never be done on any other day, have fun with their family and friends and Reality TV Stars, promote their business and City and so much more.  BUT....while they are having fun they are raising funds for a very deserving charity, Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center which is the real "WHY" behind all this fun.

Reality Rally is a 3 day fundraising event fully powered by volunteers who all have their own "WHY"

Reality Rally is attended by people from all over the country to help raise funds with each having their own "WHY" 

This photo is the Glam It Team with Al Rios, Jim Brouillette, Tim Malolepsy and Scott Spicer who were one of 78 teams



Pictured from left to right. Jim Scott, Al and Tim

This is Jim's "WHY"

"I believe that most of the really good helpful things that people do for others are a product of neighborly love and I think your Rally is a wonderful example of this truth and I'm proud to be involved. Without events like yours it would be much more difficult for caring neighbors to help those in need in their communities. Thanks for caring."

This is the "WHY" from Al Rios for The Amazing Race Season 4 who attends every year.

"Why? When I was first asked to participate in RR, I was going through a similar battle for my mom and her battle of Pancreatic cancer...So participating in RR not only fulfills my heart to help others but it also has a personal feel for me. I know the pain, frustration, hours of figuring out how chemo. bills are going to be paid or where can we scrape up the money to buy that $500 wig.

I went through it with my mom for 2 1/2 years and I could only wish we had a place like Michelles' place to go and ask people for help, support, a shoulder to cry on or just a big hug and someone telling us "we'll get through it." We really didn't and I wish we had a place like Michelles' place!!

My first year participating in RR I thought to myself why can't the world be like this? How wonderful would it be that we put aside our own needs for a weekend and give back to those who REALLY need help and support. It touched my heart like nothing else, I knew and saw with my own two eyes how carefully all monies being raised were used with NO waste. It was all going to those who needed the help. Yes it made me feel wonderful that every dollar I raised was being used for the good of others that have the cards stacked against them!

I thought to myself, boy would my mom be happy I am doing this! Michelles' place is a place for hope. It's a place where people who have no place to turn, or are confused or in a bind financially can walk in, no questions asked, no money needed and take time to talk to those who have been through the hardest battle of their life! Hugs are free and feel good! answers to questions could take a load off your mind. It makes ones' soul feel awesome. So, I guess you can say it's a little selfish because the joy I feel and the love I felt from the Watson family and those who thanked me for supporting Michelle's place does wonders for me and I can never put a price tag on that. the best part f all the support and money we raise for Michell's place makes us feel good BUT it can also save the life of another human being!! WOW!!! Just think of that! My dollars can help someone know that some stranger on the other side of this country cares enough about them and is willing to give up their time and energy to give them a chance to battle and conquer this evil disease called cancer!! I would encourage ANYONE , ANYWHERE in the WORLD to Please give to Michelle's place. the money is used carefully and for the utmost of human kind... Thank you to Everyone who gives and I can only wish the very best to anyone who has to battle this battle!!! "

God bless!
AL Rios
The Amazing Race Season 4


The powerful black and white photo testimonials are thanks to Rich Kee.  Watch for more coming up

Watch for more touching stories that show why Reality Rally is so much more than fundraising which is of course our main reason but we are honored to know the event we produce touches so many people in so many ways.

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