Scout Cloud Lee

I come here because I was diagnosed with cancer in 1990, given two months to live, and I'm still here. This is the creme de la creme, the top level reality gathering in the world, really. It's the best of the best, it's done with class, and people come here and behave themselves. And all the money goes to Michelle's Place, which is perfect. I love being here.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Chef Steve Cazel

I have been a part of the Reality Rally and Michelle’s Place for the past 6 yrs, every year it gets better and better. Talk about fun for funds and feeling good about helping others, this is the best fund raiser in the USA there is no doubt about it! I am looking forward to year 7 if you are not already be a part of this wonderful event, do the right thing become a part of it and save a life!

America's Next Top Model

Will Jardell

My experience has been amazing. I came here last year and it was a lot of fun, but this year you can really tell how much it's grown. It's amazing to see all the people coming out to raise money for Michelle's Place. I'm so happy we get to go to Michelle's Place and see what we're raising money for before the event starts. It was probably my favorite part of the weekend. You get to see where the money is going. So many times you'll donate money and you don't really know where it's going. This is the only thing I've ever done where you can see the benefits of what you're doing. I'm going to come back for as long as I can.


Christie Walker

The team from Urban Adventure Quest truly enjoyed being a Challenge Checkpoint sponsor for Reality Rally. Michelle's Place is a great cause that we are happy to support with our participation.


Lance Zeno

I was invited by Gillian. We were at another charity event here about six and a half years ago, and we started talking. Gillian said, 'I want you to be involved with it.' It's an amazing event. It's like a family reunion for me now. This group of celebrities is so cool, so generous, and they give up their own time to be here. So to me, I would never miss it.


Dale Porter

I’m proud to say that I’ve been a Reality Rally sponsor from the very beginning. It’s not just a fun and inspirational way to network with reality stars and their fans, but the charity they benefit is absolutely top notch by every measure. Reality Rally also introduced me to local government officials, which resulted in additional business for me.


Chef Stephen Lee

I did the race today. It was really cool, It was nice to connect with people in the community and just have some fun. I just want to be of service, so when people ask me to do things, to contribute to the community, I do whatever I can.


Fil Moreno

DirtRocket Photos is a proud sponsor of Temecula Valley's premier charity fundraising event - Reality Rally. We provide photography services throughout the weekend that capture everything from the emotional reactions from reality stars as they learn about Michelle's Place and its mission to the fun and excitement of Game Day as spirited teams race through the streets of Temecula's Old Town. It is our privilege and a sincere pleasure to be part of a great event that benefits such an important community resource as Michelle's Place. We look forward to seeing what Gillian does with the event every year.

Reality Rally volunteer

Jennifer Donnelly

I was in charge of the Livestream for the race. It involved corralling the celebrities, corralling city officials, and doing a pre-race interview, trying to figure out what drew them to the event and if they had an experience with breast cancer or if they knew someone with breast cancer. It was really great to see that enthusiasm before the race, and they still had it when they came back through.

Extreme Time Cheaters, Brainstormers, My Next Move, Newlywed Game

Ken & Barby

We loved attending Reality Rally this past year. It was so well executed from start to finish. As #ExtremeTimeCheaters being organized and on time is very important to us and your entire team was amazing. Our celebrity handlers (Christy and Mark) were awesome, fun, and really helpful for us. We had a blast with the other reality stars and amazing time meeting with the fans who attended the various events. I have been to a lot of charity events over the past 20 years, this one if by far the best. No one comes close to what you have put together. We enjoyed meeting the staff behind Michelle’s Place as well. What a great NPO! Thank you all! We will see you again next year! Blessings,


Diane Strand

JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc. and JDS Actors Studio has been a proud sponsor of the Reality Rally for two years running now. We supply video production services at a race Challenge and around old town capturing candids of race participants, and then put together a short montage video of the race. We have also participated in the opening ceremonies supplying actors to perform, to contribute to the entertainment opening ceremonies value for the participants, we are also involved in the acting challenge, supplying actors to collaborate with the race participants to enhance the authenticity of the experiencing for the racers. We are big supporters of Gillian’s passion for Michele’s Place and being a sponsor allows us to provide in kind services for a great cause and have fun in the process.

5 year game participant

Janice LeVasseur

Congratulations on another FANTASTIC weekend! Ty and I had so much fun with Kevin Des Chenes this year! The checkpoint challenges were great, even though I cannot do a New York accent (for the challenge at the community theater!) ha-ha! Thank you to you and your amazing team do for all you do!

Media Sponsor

Ben Waterworth

I've had the pleasure of knowing Gillian since 2011 when she first reached out to me to interview her for my radio show in Australia. It turned into a great chat and from that interview my podcast 'Survivor Oz' was born and has grown globally to be the second most downloaded Survivor podcast online and I have had the pleasure of interviewing close to 300 Survivor contestants. I made a promise to Gillian that I would come out from Australia and attend Reality Rally at some point and in 2016 I kept my promise and had an absolute blast! The event was much larger than I imagined and was organised perfectly. Getting the opportunity to hang out with Survivor contestants and reality stars from other shows was a blast, and everything from the VIP function to the race were so much fun! I'll definitely be back! Thanks Gillian for organising such a great event and helping raise funds for such an amazing cause!

Serving with Tentmaker Ministries

Bill and Susan Weibel

Wow, my wife, Susan, and I am still coming off the high of Reality Rally 2016. We found Reality Rally way more than we ever expected and stand in awe of the dedication and effort of Gillian Larson and the entire Reality Rally team in organizing and presenting the Rally. Truly an amazing job, event and time! Thanks to everyone involved for their servant’s hearts and all you do for Michelle’s Place and Temecula as a whole.

On a personal note I have to say that our attendance at the Rally was just what the doctor ordered. In twelve years of ministry working with disadvantaged children in South Africa, we had never taken time away for ourselves and that was taking a tremendous toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. As a huge fan of Survivor since episode 1 of season 1 I knew of Gillian (a native South African who competed in Survivor Gabon, Season 17) and her involvement in Reality Rally to support Michelle’s Place.

I decided attending the Rally was something I had to do for myself even if it meant travelling nearly half way around the world from South Africa to California to do so and asked Susan to join me. While not initially the most willing participant, she had such a wonderful time at the Rally and the following week that we stayed in the Temecula Valley that we both have committed to taking time away for ourselves on a regular basis now.

Average Joe

Dennis Luciani

To anyone that knows me, I am a fun loving, costume wearing, nut that loves to help and contribute where I can to good causes and events. Reality Rally has been such an event that I am continually humbled and in awe at it’s scope and reach and at it’s very success in it’s efforts to continually be a creative force of getting the word out there for Michelle’s Place. Without being an ego-maniac, I can say that I am proud of being a part of Reality Rally and all that it stands for. I am forever grateful for Gillian to have allowed me the continued opportunity to participate in Reality Rally every year as well as any supporting events that I can lend my wacky personality to. Having been to all 6 Reality Rally’s so far, it’s just amazing to look back to see what an awesome journey this has been with the support of Temecula, with the support of other Reality Tv personalities and also the support of great fans. So, to not get too mushie here, I will just end this with a salute and a bow to everyone out there reading this and hope to see you all at the next Reality Rally.

Recreation Supervisor - City of Lake Elsinore

Beau Davis

I participated for the first time this year a part of the Lake Elsinore City Team, * ahem* 5 time winners ;-). And just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this event and the charity it benefits. I must admit it was a bit skeptical at first (no clue why), however your production and execution was phenomenal. As a Supervisor of special events, I can tell you and your team were very prepared. I know what goes on to host large events and I just wanted to say y’all knocked it out of the park! Winning was great, but seeing your volunteers, participants, and Gillian pumping up the crowd at the beginning brought me goosebumps! I can’t wait to get more friends involved and spur up donations for 2017!

Thank you so much again! Job well done!


Mai Cao

Chef Works has been a loyal and proud sponsor of Reality Rally since its inception. Gillian, Nikki, Kim, and their entire team are an absolute pleasure to work with (those 3 ladies give us yet another reason to keep coming back!). Their passionate leadership is infectious and inspires our community to come together in support of important causes like this. As a global culinary and uniform apparel manufacturer based in San Diego, Chef Works is the official uniform sponsors for Reality Rally, providing chef coats and aprons worn by “celeb-realities” cooking to raise money for breast and ovarian cancer. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this fun, feel-good event! You all are amazing!

Naked and Afraid

EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder

Well Reality Rally 2016 was a huge success! I appreciate everyone's support and donations. What astounds me most every year is All the folks I've met whom I now call family, all the new friends I make each time, and how wonderful everyone is. The event is one of the most well run, professional venues I go to. Gillian Larson and Lily Holland along with their Team are unbelievable. You guys really Rock! Thanks Steve Jackson for having me as part of your Team! Thanks for having Amy and I. I'm already looking forward to next year.



The horrifying terror of cancer when it hit's home is something you will never understand unless you have walked in those shoes. My heart hurts for all affected by cancer and until now it had never hit too close to home for me. Giving in a very small way and helping a lovely organization such as Michelle's Place, a resource center for women and family's battling the awful disease was just a gift from God as I strive to serve him by serving others and Reality Rally was that avenue that began almost six years ago. Early this summer our family was notified that our amazing happy go lucky, fun loving brother in law was diagnosed with "Acute Leukemia". As my mission is to help all, now I have a name behind my passion. That name is "KG", Kevin George. May God bless and heal all who are in the battle and affected by this evil disease!

Big Brother Canada 3

Bruno Iello

I had such an great time raising money for such an amazing cause! The volunteers are so passionate and caring and do such an incredible job. I will definitely be involved each and every year!

Museum Services Manager, The City of Temecula

Tracy Frick

In addition to being flat out fun, the Reality Rally provides excellent visibility for the Temecula Valley Museum and Pennypickle’s Workshop, Temecula Children’s Museum. Visitors often say they learned about us through participation in Reality Rally. We are honored to support Michelle’s Place by taking part in this creative and entertaining event.

Hell's Kitchen and Chopped

Chef Roshni

"Reality Rally to me was a reality check. It was amazing and very humbling to see so many people come together for this wonderful cause. Visiting Michelle's Place was a waterfall of tears, but at the same time it was so great to see the changes and impact reality rally has had in Michelle’s Place. I am blessed to have been a part of this amazing weekend and look forward to it every year.

Vail Ranch Self Storage

Corinne Wetzel

We have worked with Gillian and Reality Rally for over 3 years now and are so very proud of the hard work and dedication this organization provides Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. Vail Ranch Self Storage provides the extra space for all things Reality Rally. As you can imagine, as this event has blown up over the years, so has the amount of props, banners, donations, etc. used year after year. The amount of time and effort these folks put in to raise money for Michelle's Place is so important to anyone affected with cancer and to our community. Keep up the great work, Gillian and Staff!