Mission Statement


Reality Rally is an event planning & hosting business. Its purpose is entirely to produce an event that will raise funds to support and promote local public charitable organizations in need of funds to continue their organizations charitable work. To this end we bring TV Reality Stars to a local community, we include the public and business in a fundraising weekend to raise funds and awareness for a charity through competitive participation in fun events and games which are unique and have a significant draw. The event promotes and highlights the much needed services that the charitable organizations provide. In addition we bring visibility into our community from outside and promotion of what our town has to offer to encourage return visits thus impacting our city economic development. We garner not only local, regional visibility but global through all we do.


Reality Rally creates a unique fundraising event is significantly supported by sponsorship and is run entirely by a volunteer force in order to provide funds for their charity of choice. In addition it promotes local businesses, the community’s attractions and the charity into a compelling and memorable experience in order to produce the event on a sponsorship and volunteer basis to protect the final donation to the charity. The community’s local features and attractions are integrated in a unique concept – that of teaming up Reality Stars with local people who want to participate in supporting a charity. There is a place in each Reality Rally venue for national corporate sponsors, regional and small businesses, and, individuals -- all contributing and volunteering what they can in a cooperative and caring way.


  • Inclusiveness. Reality Rally opens the celebrity and competitive arena to virtually everyone who wants to participate. Unlike 5K races that require training and a higher degree of fitness, RR is “relatable” to non-athletes and the average person.
  • Compelling theme. Reality Rally plays on the popularity of reality TV. This makes it easy to attract participants to a fundraising venue when the value proposition is rubbing elbows with celebrities in having real fun together, one-on-one, in a family friendly atmosphere. In addition the event is attractive to sponsors who want to have their product placed in front of the consumer public who follow a high profile event thus enabling us to produce a significant event at low cost protecting the final donation.  
  • Community appeal. Local color, culture and character is innovatively linked in to create pride and appreciation of the one’s hometown, making it real and relevant to the participants, thus enhancing the fundraising effectiveness.
  • Out of area participation. The event reputation is widespread bringing in participants from all over the North American continent plus many other countries to play, attend parties, donate ,sponsor and volunteer.


Reality Rally is bold, energetic, adventuresome, wholesome, socially engaging, exciting and inclusive. Images of treasure maps, discoveries, good-natured conspiracies, hidden clues, new friends and entertaining mascots are rolled up in a unique adventure for a good cause. Its bright colors, intriguing maps, well kept secrets, and surprises in store keep the guessing going and will promote social media interaction as well as coffee table conversation. It engages people to compete with their friends, coworkers and community leaders to have real fun together while doing a good deed.


Reality Rally promises to create a memorable, “feel good” experience that will keep people talking and wanting more, year after year. People will feel more connected to the community, and part of a bigger picture, knowing that they have contributed to improving their world and inspired to do more!


  • For the past 6 years we have produced an event with a global following and income.
  • We have become a signature event in Temecula and the premier Reality Star fund raising event in the country. Our Stats back that up.
  • We are viewed in 96 countries on our website and have significant Face Book Stats

2016 stats we are able to capture: 

1392 Donations came from

    • 14 countries
    • 47 States
    • 695 cities

Game Participants:

  • 220 participants came from:
    • 4 Countries
    • 15 States
    • 57 cities
    • 2 wheelchair bound participants and one service dog 


  • 348 volunteers came from:
    • 5 States
    • 34 cities

Reality Stars:

  • 109 TV Stars
  • 42 different shows
  • 1 Retired NFL players
  • 2 Countries
  • 36 States
  • 88 cities


  • Funds are always raised for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.
  • 11 other Charitable foundations were represented highlighting the work they do.

mission statement graph