!shouttag, what is it?, does it shout and does it tag?

by Gillian Larson

What is a !shouttag????? and how did it make a great impact helping Reality Rally get really social to highlight Reality Rally and Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. 

A !shouttag is a free, online presence where you can create a message with text, images, embedded videos, maps, and more.
Using us as an example see all the amazing features and support you will get using !shouttag.


!shouttag is a great way for you to connect with your family, friends and business associates offline.

So....what is !shouttag????
Every day businesses struggle with the same problem, getting customer attention.
Forget about Wordpress, Drupal, bit.ly, Square Space, Wix, Mail Chimp, and Facebook Pages. Introducing !shouttag. !shouttag is literally the fastest way to establish a dominant online presence. Within seconds of your !shouttag approval you can create and launch your own !shouttag with dynamic content including text, images, videos, and maps.!shouttags generate awesome SEO with several !shouttags ranking page #1, top #5 on Google search results.
The !shouttag Tracker system allows you to quickly and easily send email notifications about upcoming sales and events (no more hassling with complex email template builders like Mail Chimp).
!shouttag also allows you to send text notifications to your customers, creating a direct connection that will increase conversions.
And !shouttag can import your current email newsletter subscribers so you will have an immediate and targeted audience for email and text notifications. !shouttag can be your "opt-in" solution.
!shouttag also provides a social media link generator that quickly and easily creates engaging social media links that can be used on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
!shouttag isn't just a powerful online advertising tool, it also allows you to effectively engage customers in the real world. You can print your !YourShouttag on pretty much anything, including business cards, billboards, banners, flyers, direct mailers, stickers, hats, shirts, and more.
When a customer sees ! + YourShouttag they will know you have a message you want to share with them. All they do is enter !YourShouttag through the free shouttag app or at shouttag.com and they will see your message. It's that simple.
And if you don't have time to manage your own !YourShouttag or social media, !shouttag Customer Engagement Services will do it for you. !shouttag CES will establish and maintain your social media presence, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Imagine being able to reach a majority of your fanbase with a direct email about an upcoming event or sale? No more missed posts because people forgot to log into Twitter or Facebook, or they didn't see your post because of all the other posts.
I invite you to check out !shouttag, and be sure to Track !RealityRally for the latest news and updates. If you have any questions feel free to email Mike directly @ mike.purcell@shouttag.com, or check out my bio @ !MikePurcell.

Create your free account, and register your two free !shouttags today. See for yourself how easy it is to establish a dominant online presence and get customer attention.

Networking does work and is always worth the time you put into it. I met Jacqui networking, Jacquie met Mike Purcell the founder of !shouttag. Mike and Jacquie and I met and that is where it all began and hear what they did for us.

 This awesome !shouttag team did our social media and so much more.


team photo trim bw 1

Left to right:
Russ Purcell, !shouttag co-Founder, Sean St. Louis, Reality Rally Race participant. Nick LaToof, Reality Rally participant. Jacqui Dobbens, !shouttag Director of Business Development. Trish Tetlow, !shouttag Director of Marketing
Mike Purcell, !shouttag Founder. Eric Henry, Reality Rally Race participant

!shouttag also helped Reality Rally by hosting a live Scavenger Hunt on Saturday in Old Town Temecula. The scavenger hunt was designed to allow anyone to participate and have a chance to win an awesome prize. It was easy, all they had to do was create a !shouttag account and "Track" !RealityRallyTREX. Every hour !shouttag would send out text notifications through the !shouttag platform to the "Trackers" with a riddle they had to solve in order to win the prize.
The prizes totaled over $8,000 and included:
A 50" HDTV (Cheryl Zenski Mortgage Services)
Apple Watch 2 (Double Take Travel)
Family Outdoor Package (Lake Hemet)  VIP Party for you + 19 friends @ 8 Bit Brewing Company in Murrieta
Free weekly meal for a year @ Broken Yolk Cafe in Temecula, Free weekly coffee for a year @ It's a Grind Coffee in Murrieta and Free weekly beverage for a year @ Juice It Up in Temecula

Thank you Jacquie and these sponsors for providing the prizes for a really fun scavenger hunt. If you would like !shouttag at your event contact mike.purcell@shouttag.com 

Shouttag booth resized


 Shouttag entered a team in the Reality Rally Amazing Race  and had a lot of fun plus ran all over Old Town Temecula  proudly wearing their !shouttag "tags" with Suzette Amaya from Big Brother Canada on their team. Suzette is also a social media guru so I am sure they had fun together "networking"

.Shouttag Lizards team  

!shouttag was excited to partner up with a charity juggernaut like Reality Rally. As a Starting Gate sponsor, !shouttag was tasked with managing Reality Rally's social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It was !shouttag's responsibility to increase awareness about Reality Rally and all the fun events we had planned for Reality Rally Weekend. Increased awareness translated to more donations and participation from the community, which was critical in supporting Reality Rally's primary purpose; to raise funds and awareness for Michelle's Place.

!shouttag was excited to partner with Reality Rally and raise funds and awareness through their disruptive !shouttag platform, and they look forward to helping with #RealityRally2018!!


Get ready !shouttag Reality Rally is right around the corner 3rd,4th,5th May 2018 and we would love to have you with us again.

Thank you for all you did. You do what you say you will do, awesome and thanks again.


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