Reality Rally Guidelines
Every competition's gotta have 'em!


Here are Reality Rally Guidelines (that sounds so much better than "rules") that need to be followed in our game.


Reality Rally is a weekend of “Fun for Funds” intended to provide a whole lot of “fun” for you, the Rally Racer and “Funds” for Michelle’s Place. It is your opportunity to challenge yourself throughout our Rally course with friends and Reality Stars. You will choose your route that will take you to all the Challenge Checkpoints. They are all designed that anyone will be able to do them, even a 92 year old. Basically a little more physical for those that want to be physically challenged and someone on your team should be able to do it, mental, even I can do that, scavenging or just plain silly. Love people to have fun doing what they would not do on a normal day!!!  You will be presented with your challenges at the Challenge Checkpoints  which will be an interactive experience that  includes our cultures, local schools, theater, museums and the film festival and more.  
In order to make this “Fun for Funds For all” we ask that expectations (rules and regulations) are followed.

Before you read any further.....If you want to Earn "A U Turn"...raise $4000 by April 5th combined with your Stars total and skip one of the Challenges in one of the Challenge Checkpoints and race ahead of your competition!!!!! 


Each Rally Racer is required to sign a waiver and release prior to participating in the event. Download when you register to play.

  Registration Fee
No refunds for any reason. Your registration is a donation to our breast cancer cause, Michelles Place.
   Rally and Challenge Checkpoints
All Teams MUST stay together at all times and all be present at the finish line to be checked in. If one of the Team is unable to continue for any reason during the Game  the whole Team must report to the Finish Line Coordinator at City Hall and they will be assigned a subsitiute to finish the Game.
Rally Racers are asked to conduct themselves in respectful manner during the event and at each Challenge Checkpoint despite the pressure of the competition. You must obey all traffic rules and local laws, be respectful of people and property and comply with any requests they might have of you.
Rally Racer teams must travel and compete together throughout the Rally. All checkpoints must be completed are stamped or you will be sent out to finish what you missed.
Checkpoint Monitors will be there to decide if the challenge has been completed successfully then you will be given a Checkpoint Completion item so you can go to your next Challenge Checkpoint. Your completion items must be presented at the end of the Rally to win.
Remember this is an experience, not a race. Enjoy the experience as you go to each checkpoint. The Checkpoint partners work hard to make it fun.
When you arrive at a Checkpoint you must line up in The Game Sign in Chute area to sign in and wait your turn. The teams will complete the challenge in the order in which they arrived.
The Checkpoint Monitors reserve the right to delay a team until the previous team has completed the challenge and before allowing the next team to begin.
In the case of a dispute the Checkpoint Monitors or Game Officials decision is final.
Participants are solely responsible for their actions and behaviors and the consequences of such.
Event staff reserves the right to stop or disqualify any participant or team for any reason at any time.  Of course this will be for a very good reason taking safety of everyone into consideration.
Rally Racers must return to the Finish Line on the steps of City Hall by 1:30 pm finished or not.  Rally Racers must line up on the Finish Line in order of arrival.
Every Rally Team must be accounted for at the end.  Reality Rally is not responsible for lost Rally Racers or lost articles.
  Rally Entry
Rally Racers must be 16 or older.
Rally Racers under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian as a register Rally Racer on their Rally Team.
Game registration gives you one Game ticket, one Rally participant T-shirt, water, fun but no food is provided. 
  Additional “Fun for Funds”
Benefits and Awards

There's more?
Fundraising benefit prior to Rally
Teams who raise a minimum of $1000 prior to the Rally by April 5th can choose their Star who has raised $500 and are still available. As soon as you raise $1000 and you choose a Star your Fundraised amounts are combined to work you towards the Coveted U-Turn awarded for $4000 fundraised between you. You can use it to skip a challenge. Huuuge advantage to win the game while Michelle's Place wins the funds raised.


  What You Need to Bring
Your packing list starts here
Water: In case you can't find a drinking hole!!!
Spare Cash, a Smart phone, pecil or pen and paper
Fun Attitude
Energy Bars: In case you get hungry on the course
Smart Phone: Essential
A Hat as it may be hot and sunny!!!
Comfortable Clothing and Shoes
Camera and video camera to take fun pictures
A fun and competitive spirit


  What's Allowed
All is Fair in Love and War... but not in Reality Rally!
Foot travel only. Must follow the directions given. So listen up
No cheating please. You only cheat yourself and we are watching. 


What's Expected
We'll have fun, fun, fun...
Fun, Fun, Fun for Funds!
Permission for Reality Rally to use all videos, photos, etc. for future publications.


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