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My name is John F. Carroll. My mother, Michele P. Carroll, was diagnosed with Stage III invasive lobular carcinoma on April 7, 2014. Eight months ago she had a mammogram that was read as normal. What no one told her is that she has dense breasts and that finding any cancer would be difficult due to the consistency of her breasts. WOWT Channel 6 will air an interview with us and her surgical oncologist, Dr. Janet Grange, about breast density. Dr, Grange lost her sister to breast cancer 30 years ago. The interview will air on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 10 PM.

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This is what Reality Rally is all about.
People ask me "what did you make" and my answer other than the funds raised,
"We made a difference, we make an impact "

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My wife, Bonnie, & I have always been big supporters of Reality Rally, and get to work at a checkpoint during the competition. This year (2013) we attended the celebrity reception at Wilson Creek Winery. While making the rounds at the party, We noticed that wherever Brendon & Rachel Villegas were, there was sure to be a crowd. Eventually, however, we found ourselves standing alone with them and struck up a conversation.

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The far reaching Ripples of Reality Rally reach over the ocean,to Australia.

Ben Waterworth & My Survivor Dream

Back in the year 2000 like a large portion of the world's TV audience, I got hooked on a little TV show called Survivor. This thing called 'reality tv' and it's interesting  dynamics of realism, characters and competition amazed me and drew me in to  something that almost seemed like sport without the sport. I was enthralled and never  looked back. Over the 11 year history of the show, I never missed a single episode,  fell in love with characters and despised others, and continued conversations with  friends, family and even strangers about this amazing show. And although the show  may have waned slightly from it's initial booming popularity at the turn of the  century, my passion and love for it never did and I remained as hooked on it as I was  right back during season 1. And as somebody in the media, it was a deep felt dream  for me to somehow get involved in the world of Survivor and make an effort to hear  stories from the people who make the show so memorable: the castaways. I had one  thing standing in my way: the Pacific Ocean. As somebody living on 'the other side of the World' in Australia, it remained difficult to trully become connected with these  people all the way in the United States.

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