Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor

Extreme Time Cheaters

Participating Years

  • 2016
  • 2017

Ken Taylor
Extreme Time Cheaters, My Next Move
Yes, the real Ken and Barby! The real deal catches the attention of everyone they come in contact with. Their extreme time management skills also caught the attention of TLC producers this past year when they were chosen to be featured in Extreme Time Cheaters. With over 50 media appearances over the past few years, Ken uses his publicity to raise awareness for the over 700 million living in chronic pain worldwide. Ken has also been featured on the Newlywed Game as contestants, The Doctors, and more. Barby being a pain patient and Ken as her caregiver make appearances on talk shows and charity events around the country as motivational speakers and bestselling authors on chronic pain topics. Ken serves as the Vice President of the International Pain Foundation. He is also the 2016 recipient of the WEGO Health Best Team Performance Award. Always having the Nerve to Be Heard, they turn pain into POWER to make a difference!

Ken Taylor, VP
International Pain Foundation