Dennis Luciano

Dennis Luciani

Average Joe

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  • 2017

Dennis is an adult that still likes to have fun.  It was his fun personality that was brought to the attention of the producers of NBC's Average Joe season #1.  Dennis went on to be the 10th (out of 16) eliminated "Joe" left on the quest to win a place at Melana's side.

The exposure from Average Joe has led to many appearances on talk shows and numerous charity events.

Dennis' day job consists of crunching the numbers as a bookkeeper while also chasing the dream of acting that he moved out here for. He has managed to so far get into 3 major movies such as: Van Wilder 3: Freshman Year, Totally Baked and a newer movie coming out in August called The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. He has filmed a few pilots, some short films and even had a few days work on General Hospital.

If anyone knows Dennis, they know that he brings fun to any gathering that he attends with props and costumes.

Dennis is pretty darn good with a hula hoop and he can play the flute and he's a pretty good singer too. He's been in a recording studio twice now recording 1 original song that he wrote and performed a flute track on and he participated in a Reality Christmas song album as well.

To sum up Dennis, he equates a lot of stuff to his own funny theory of life that is: Seeking Help from the Wizard.

A) Having the Courage to try new things and to be yourself.
B) Having the Brains to challenge yourself and think for yourself.
c) Having the Heart to be the best person you can be.