Gillian Larson

Gillian Larson

Survivor Gabon, Creator of Reality Rally

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 Please help me personally raise $26,000.00.



Read on to “get my why and how”

Besides EVERYTHING about dealing with cancer, one of the hardest parts, for women in particular is losing their identity, their hair. They had no choice but I do and in solidarity with all those who lose their hair I choose to lose my identity, my hair, by raising $26,000.00. My hair became my identity in all I now do and so I will have my identity shaved off at the Opening Ceremonies of the Reality Rally “Amazing Race” on May 5th 2018. Please help, read how below.

26, the age Michelle was when she lost her valiant battle, 26 thousand is what I want to raise. 

I am working very hard to raise the funds. I have had 4 major fundraising events. I have sent my appeal to over 300 people on my Christmas list, I am posting on Facebook, I am contacting News Stations and Talk show hosts to hear my story. I am asking at every meeting I go to.

Please help with a donation. One cup of coffee = $5 and that $5 = a difference in someones life. Please help me lose this hair for a great cause

Please click my fundraising link to donate. 

 My fundraiser for Michelle's Place

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My daughter and I have both had a major scare with breast lumps which thank God were benign. I have had 2 and she has had one. So many many people are not able to say the same. Their lives changed in a second when they heard the words "It is Cancer”. Just look at these horrible statistics.

cancerstats sm

Michelle was just 19 when she found a lump but was told she was too young and healthy to worry about it and again was told the same thing a year later. At 23 she was going into the Peace Corps and they took it seriously, tested her and diagnosed stage 4. After a 3 year struggle she lost her battle at 26. Before she passed away she asked that her family try to do something that could support others in the same fight. What they have done in the past 16 years is incredible and  in honoring Michelle they have provided over 100 thousand no cost services, serving others who fight their fight and by early detection to avoid that fight. 

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I want to take the S out of SCARE and with $26,000.00 I can turn that word into CARE

All of us together can take out some of the SCARE in cancer and turn it into CARE.  Care that is provided at no cost to anyone walking through the doors at Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. Since they opened their doors to all who come in, Michelle’s Place has provided over 100 thousand no cost services. That has certainly honored their daughter Michelle’s dying request.

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 This is how I would like to raise that $26 thousand with your help in several ways...

Please click my fundraising link to donate.   


  • Donate by mail. Make your check to either Michelle’s Place or Reality Rally. It all goes to Michelle’s Place. 
  • Mail to Reality Rally 41893 Niblick Rd, Temecula CA 92591                                                                                        
  • My drive behind Reality Rally is to raise funds to contribute to helping families either face their own fight with Michelle’s Place support or hopefully prevent another family tragedy like the Watson Family faced.


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