Pat Tortorello

Pat Tortorello

Hell's Kitchen

Participating Years

  • 2017

Growing up in a large Italian family surrounded by amazing female cooks, Pat had no choice but to make food the focal point of his young life. Pat intently watched his mom, Honey, make elaborate dinners during the week, then would go next door to “Grandma Tort’s” for the Sunday family feast, which consisted of her “gravy”, pasta and a huge bowl of meatballs, sausage and pork. The entire family was expected to be at her dining room table at 2 pm sharp. A fresh baked ham with roasted peppers usually appeared at 6 pm to snack on before everyone went home. This weekly family bonding made Pat well aware that food, love and family all went hand in hand.

Pat immersed himself into the world of culinary arts by studying as much as he could during his high school years and subscribed to several different culinary magazines, which he studied as intently as he did his school work. Upon graduating from High School, Pat started working in the restaurant industry and knew it was his passion. After attending culinary school at 20 years old, Pat got his first of many head chef positions and started shaping his culinary style after his upbringing and gravitated towards a rustic style, putting his own twist on classic Italian "peasant food" dishes. After long restaurant career, Pat became a culinary school chef instructor and passed on his cooking legacy to the countless students who learned under him. While teaching, he jumped at an opportunity to cast for Hell's Kitchen and he made the show for season 16. It was an amazing experience to cook in Chef Ramsay's kitchen. Pat's first TV reality TV appearance was in 1999 as a contestant on JEOPARDY and became champion. Currently Pat is an Area Sales Manager for Performance Foodservice and plays drums for the NJ cover band, Brass Knuckle Barbie.