Aziza Young

Aziza "Z" Young

Hell's Kitchen

Participating Years

  • 2017

I started my cooking journey at the tender age of 9. My Pop-pop had his own catering business and was an Executive Chef, and he was my inspiration to cooking. I got my first taste of the food industry through him. When I was in high school I got MY first catering job. It was small...but it was mine. Throughout the years I’ve worked at many restaurants, but my joy was in 2013 when I finally started my own Catering and Private Chef Company and in 2014 being cast in Season 16 of Hell’s Kitchen. Life is about taking risk, doing what you love, helping people, and living life to the fullest. And that’s what I intend to do.
So help me raise money so we can find a cure and kick breast cancer’s butt!!!