Dang It, Nguyen-it-Ha!

in Fun Friends

Reality Star: Kendra Guffey
Fundraising Total: $825
Place in 2017 Race: 9th 


We are really excited to be part of Reality Rally and as a Team able to raise funds for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.

We will be competing in the Reality Rally “Amazing Race” type game on Saturday morning, April 8th 2017. We were the winners of the very first Reality Rally. We feel we're spirit guided as our best friend had died that week of cancer and Kendra Guffey our Star from Pirate Master lost her Dad that week to cancer as well. We ran the race in their honor and know they were guiding us as we had no road blocks and it all went so smoothly for us. We played and cried togther throughout the race and formed a bond that we have still today.We play every year and we raise funds for Michelle's Place knowing it makes a difference in peoples lives.

Our competition begins with fundraising and we hope you can help by a donation of any amount.

We are playing a game to make memories from a really fun day, we raise funds for those who are not playing a game and your donation could save a life and give them a lifetime of memories.

100% of the net proceeds are donated to Michelle’s Place. Please help us make a difference today by clicking the donate button now. Thank you, we really appreciate every dollar donated.

Lien Nguyen, Elizabeth Hong & Doan Ha