Celebrate, "I won" with our tribute shirt that says it all

by Gillian Larson


Yes, the Reality Rally fundraiser shirt does say it all. Well almost all.

 What our tribute shirt does say is they did win which is the hope that we all hold in our hearts when hearing that devasating diagnosis and knowing what lies ahead.

 What it did say is "IT CAME" which is cancer in so many forms and it does "come".  What it does say is "I FOUGHT" and that fight is a fight to live and it is a very hard fight in so many ways. What we celebrate with our tribute shirt is the "I WON"

I WON is what thousands and thousands and even millions can say today and we celebrate with them.

What the shirt does not say is that Reality Rally has many many dedicated volunteers who make Reality Rally happen and yes, I said volunteers. Not one of us including me makes a dime off our efforts to produce a 3 day event and raise funds for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. A remarkable center of free support and services provided to those who are fighting the fight. Their mission "Let no one face cancer alone"

I said my amazing hardworking volunteers do not make a dime but our efforts are priceless in the heartwarming return that we have from knowing we make a difference. We all have a personal story about cancer. Many of our volunteers have had cancer themesleves and won that fight. Many have lost loved ones and we have also fought alongside those loved ones and those who won. I personally lost my parents at 69 from lung cancer and my 56year old brother from pancreatic and liver cancer. Of course Michelle passed away at 26 and her tragedy is what gave birth to Michelle's Place which has provided over 100 thousand free services since they opened 15 years ago.  

Reality Rally is dedicated to 3 of our loved ones who represent millions who we lost too soon. Our inspiration and stories   

Reality Rally is celebrating our 7th year producing our event and we have launched this limited edition tee shirt campaign in honor of the thousands of people who have fought a very brave battle fighting cancer.

We are raising funds for Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. The funds generated will help those in their fight to win their battle.

Buy your tee shirt today as a gift to yourself and gifts for others who belong to this tribe of winners. Wear it loud and wear it proud.

Donations gratefully accepted if you dont want a tee shirt. Click the link to buy or donate or both !!!



Sales close March 10th 2017. Dont miss out. 






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