Origin of Reality Rally

Join us in a fight against cancer and support those fighting that battle and help ease the journey of many who have heard those dreaded words "you have cancer." In addition I love my town, Temecula and wanted a way to give back to my community by an event that would highlight all Temecula offers and include anyone who wanted to be a part of it. I also wanted to keep the funds raised local, where we would know the people we helped with not only money but promotion of Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center.

“Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” - Edmund Burke

Reality Rally is in tribute to 3 wonderful people who succumbed far too young, to the dreaded disease of Cancer. They are my inspiration and energy force . They were fun adventurous positive people who made a difference to people around them and always “paid it forward” in any way they could but now they cannot but I can and I invite you to do the same.

Click on their names below, read their stories and honor their memories.

Reality Rally Executive Director Team and Board of Directors

Meet the Volunteer Executive Team. We lead the Reality Rally Production Team of 80 volunteers and over 400 volunteers for the weekend.. Without their skills, passion and know-how this event could not happen.

Gillian Larson

Executive Director and President of the Board

Creator and Event Producer


Gaylon Holland

Vice President of the Board

Executive Director Event Logistics