Reality Rally represents a lot of things to a lot of people. It represents HOPE for those dealing with cancer. It represents COMMITMENT for all those that faithfully give up their free time for a worthy cause. It represents LOVE for Reality TV, but most of all for each other. And when Reality Rally is over, it represents ACCOMPLISHMENT for every single person who attended, volunteered and participated. In my years working with RR, I've felt it all...Hope, Commitment, Love and Accomplishment...and it feels great.

After the event, Gillian often hears from volunteers, Reality TV stars, Reality Rally racers, etc. They all say a similar story. Here's a few testimonials regarding Reality Rally:

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A really cool way to experience Reality Rally is with a VIP pass. It's like being a Reality star, without having to eat bugs or jump off a cliff or...well you get the idea! The VIP pass includes transportation to all venue events in Temecula, VIP access to parties, Red Carpet treatment, etc. You travel right along with the reality stars. It's a great way to get up close and personal with some fun people. Trust me--I know!

Two guests who had this experience are Rob and Marty Allison of Fort Pierre, South Dakota. These two are friends of Reality star Holly Hoffman and her husband. When they heard about the event, they jumped in and purchased the VIP passes and also helped raise funds for Michelle's Place. We welcome them to the Reality Rally family. Here's a little bit about the experience in Rob's own words:

Few events have the capacity to move your heart and fill your soul - Reality Rally does just that. It's not hard for a Survivor fan like me to be drawn to the great Survivor Reality Stars that show up for the event. Getting my wife to admit that a reality event was one of the best experiences of her life is another story. There is no denying that the VIP pass is the way to get the total reality immersion. I spent 3 days getting to know the people behind the shows and enjoyed every bit of their humanity.

The fact that I am a physician and live the mission of preventative care for those who don't have access to medical care gives Michelle's Place a special place in my heart. The energy and atmosphere of Temecula, combined with a driven community and supportive sponsors like Wilson Creek Winery, make Reality Rally a return destination. I hope to visit Southern California and my new friends again in the near future.

It's not too soon to think about attending Reality Rally 2016! Stay tuned...Bloggergal

Reality Rally 2015 was a huge success. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Temecula to attend this year, so I didn't get to see a Reality Rally first--a red carpet engagement! Amanda Colello of Hell's Kitchen fame was proposed to by her boyfriend Chase. You can click on the video below. It was produced by Michael Scalise of Blacktie Productions. Get your tissues handy! Chase did a great job of creating a memory that will last a lifetime for him and Amanda.

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