As I mentioned in a previous blog, my husband and I had to relocate to Atlanta Georgia in 2011. I didn’t want to leave the sunny, warm climate of southern California, but what can you do? Sometimes you have to go where your job takes you. I did make one demand—that I would be able to go back to Temecula every April to volunteer at Reality Rally. Why? There are a few reasons:

One is the people you meet. I’ve met Reality TV stars, other volunteers and fans from all over the country. I have forged friendships with people I never would have met if it wasn’t for Reality Rally.

Two is the reason for the event, Michelle’s Place and fighting breast cancer. When you visit Michelle’s Place, you will understand what I’m talking about. It’s special. It’s worth it. It’s my cause.

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A week or so ago, I shared the story of Charlene and Brandon and their connection to Survivor winner Denise Stapley.  If you missed it, click HERE to read it.  Charlene and Brandon attended Reality Rally in 2014.  Brandon met his favorite Survivor contestant, Denise Stapley.  Even better than that, Brandon participated in Reality Rally right along side his new friend, Denise.  I could tell you all about that, but the following video will show you.  Get your tissues ready because this one will tug at your heartstrings!  

After the event, Charlene shared the following with us.

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In their own words, Bill and Marilyn Watson welcome participants to Reality Rally. Photo shows Marilyn and Bill Watson with Reality Rally creator, Gillian Larson. Stay tuned...Bloggergal

Michelle's Place, Women's Breast Cancer Resource Center, would like to extend a warm welcome to you participating in Reality Rally. Gillian works tirelessly to produce an amazing endeavor. Gillian has unending energy and enthusiasm as well as her great motivation. Thank you Gillian and her Team!

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