Reality Rally “Fun for Funds” weekend April 6th-9th 2017.




We are looking for volunteers who would like to be part of one of Temecula’s signature events.

We are looking for volunteers who want to help raise funds for Michelle’s Place and make a difference in the lives of many.
We need over 400 volunteers in 78 different jobs so you have a great choice of what to do to help.

Please sign up and tell everyone you know to come and have fun with you and help us make a difference.
Service hours signed for if needed

Go to our website and see what fun we have raising funds and it is all with your help.

Click this link and find your job. Volunteer module closes March 1st so sign up soon.


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The Amazing Race, an amazing life journey,an amazing wedding gift “request” and an amazing donation jar.


Donation jar

Scroll down and see what you can win for your donation.

Reality Rally and Reality TV has put so many wonderful people in my path of life that would never have crossed my path otherwise. This blog series is about Stars who come to Reality Rally so others can know what amazing people they are, how amazing they are lending their celebrity for the good of so many and I want people out there to know.

This is the story of one amazing couple we got to know as “The Green Team” on The Amazing Race, how it all began for them and how they are still racing raising funds for  Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center

Watch their beginning which became a reality, it is soooo coool.

Then this happened and we watched The Green Team dominate their race and challenge Joey and Kelsey in nail biting episodes..Justin and Diana

And now this happens as a result....a heart of charity and caring.
Diana emailed me to tell me she had raised some funds and would send them to me for Michelle's Place. As I always like to know the fun fundraising ways Stars are raising funds, I asked how.

“Since Justin and I have been together for 9 years, and have lived together for most of them, we really had everything we could need. Also, having a destination felt wrong of me to have a registry for material items we pretty much already had. So in lieu of having a wedding registry and receiving gifts, I asked guests to make a donation to one of the 2 charities we participate in now that we are "reality stars". Of course, some guests did what they wanted and bought me a gift anyway, but some made donations instead.
Diana set up her gift table with a donation box and set off to have a beautiful wedding.

wedding tableGift tablewedding kiss

Also, I have a donation can in my classroom that my students can donate to as well. When they donate to the classroom charity can, they can pull a travel souvenir from my back bulletin board. I have a post about this on our "Justin and Diana" facebook page that is pinned to the top. Last year, we raised over $1,200.00 for the Rose of Charity Orphanage. “ Rose of Charity is the Orphanage they visited in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe during that leg of the Race and Diana’s amazing fundraising for them is an incredible gift. Thank you Diana from the bottom of my “African Heart”


Check out this amazing opportunity....YOU can drop a donation into Justin and Diana’s collection jar for Michelle's Place and YOU can get an amazing souvenir  

Donation jar 
Skype call....Donate $30 for a 10 minute call or $50 for a 30 minute call

Travel Souvenir includes autographs..... Donate $60
Autographed Green bandanas...$25

Click the link to donate here and you will be contacted for your prize


or use your smartphone. TEXT   DBISHOP to 866-455-0102

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Contributors to this blog....

Brahm Shank, our awesome Lead Teen volunteer who is always ready to drop everything to give me what I ask for. Thank you Brahm.


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