Today’s “Up Close and Personal” blog interviewfeatures “Deadeye Dragoon”, a long-time supporter of Reality Rally and performer in Temecula’s famous group “Old Town Temecula Gunfighters” . The group performs 40-minute Wild West skits across Southern California, and in Temecula they can be seen on Saturdays every month (except for November and December) at 4th and Old Town Front St. (Noon and 2PM), complete with six-shooters, rifles, and shotguns. “Everything that was used back in the Old West,” Deadeye said.

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One thing that teams often don’t realize when they sign up for Reality Rally is that the game begins in that very moment. Click the button, confirm you’re coming, and BOOM—that is when the event truly starts. The factors that help to determine 1st place in the race are defined by the months that lead up to the race itself. Your fundraising can make or break you! How, you ask? Well, this year was a great example!

The talented Ta Ta Sisterhood team (Tonya, Kendra, and Andrea), along with Brad Bohannan were the crowned champions of the race. But what some may not know is that their diligence in the months leading up to the race earned them priceless advantages which largely contributed to their victory!

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Well, it's official! Reality Rally 2016 has come to a close...and what a wonderful weekend it was! We welcomed first timers, 6-year veterans, and everyone in between. The race was a blast, the food was delicious, the friends were unmatched, and the fundraising was through the roof!

I had the opportunity to make the rounds and ask volunteers and stars alike about their experience over the weekend. Here's what they had to say:

"I met Gillian at Temecula Womens' Club last month. I signed up right away and here I am! It's been a blast." - Karen Steed, Reality Rally volunteer

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