Wishes really can come true, just ask Charity and her Wish Brigade.

Their mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of others in our community and inspire others to accomplish incredible things.

Charity for Charity is a non-profit organization raising funds to fulfill the wishes of local residents with special needs because of life threatening illness or traumatic injury. What makes C for C unique is not only the fact that it is collaborated by a network of friends and volunteers, but that they focus on individuals by helping, changing and inspiring their lives. http://www.charityforcharity.org/

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July 23rd 2000 is the anniversary marking a family tragedy losing their beloved daughter of 26 yrs old. michelle 0 0

This tragedy ignited a flame of passion following her dying wish to help others and to date it most certainly has, helping over 100 thousand others. I am asked all the time why is Michelle’s Place the charity we support with our 3 day “Fun for Funds” event every April. Read on….this is why. Read on, this may save a life but does support those fighting for their lives.

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Steve Jobs said “ The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do”

Read on how 2 crazy guys with a crazy passion and a crazy idea and many more crazy friends, now change the world of so many who have returned combat wounded in one way or another with this crazy idea. “RECOVER through adventure, DISCOVER our underwater world and REBUILD families and relationships.” They started WAVES which stands for Wounded American Veterans Experience Scuba and so much more to so many one wave at a time. www.wavesproject.org

Get your Kleenex ready and read on……

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