You may ask . . .


Why did we book over 7,000 volunteer hours in 2017?

Why do we neglect friends and family the week of the big event?

Why do expend mind, body, and spirit throughout the year to produce a first class, innovative event and fundraiser?

Why do we make over a 1,000 phone call and send over 10,000 emails?

We do it all for a non-profit called “Michelle’s Place.”

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When Gillian Larson asked me if I would serve as Director of Lip Sync – a new idea she had for kick-starting the huge Reality Rally weekend event – my first thought in my head was ‘learn to say no when you feel overwhelmed and don’t think you can accomplish said task’ – Ha!Well, 4 hours into that ‘coffee meeting’, firstly, I don’t think Gillian would have taken ‘no’ for an answer, and secondly, I truly wanted to serve in some small way as part of Gillian’s HUGE production and become one of the hundreds who give a little to raise a lot for Michelle’s Place Resource Center. Read on for the full story !

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