Steve Jobs said “ The ones who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do”

Read on how 2 crazy guys with a crazy passion and a crazy idea and many more crazy friends, now change the world of so many who have returned combat wounded in one way or another with this crazy idea. “RECOVER through adventure, DISCOVER our underwater world and REBUILD families and relationships.” They started WAVES which stands for Wounded American Veterans Experience Scuba and so much more to so many one wave at a time.

Get your Kleenex ready and read on……

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I have been asked over the years how Reality Rally could do something with and for other charities. Another seed was planted and the collaboration with other charities bloomed at Reality Rally 2016 . There are so many wonderful organizations in the Temecula area who provide incredible services to so many. I finally knew that we could share their stories through Reality Rally. Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center will always benefit from our funds but other charities could benefit from our collaboration. Charity Spotlight will be our next series of blog stories. This is the first of many on

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Lake Elsionore trophyLake Elsinore 2016 2

The Lake Elsinore 2016 Team  with their Reality Star from The Amazing Race.....Tiffany Torres.

I sat down with Gillian for lunch the other day, and we got to chatting about one of her (many) favorite components about Reality Rally—how it brings all the surrounding cities together.

When Reality Rally first started out, Gillian saw it not only as a way to corral reality celebrities for a cause, but city councils and city officials as well. 6 years ago, the first ever Reality Rally was set to take place, and thinking that nearby towns would like to participate in the race, Gillian approached the city councils/officials of Temecula, Menifee, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Lake Elsinore, and Perris.

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