FDR once said, "Happiness lies in the joy of fulfillment and the thrill of creative effort." At Brainy Actz, this is the happiness we wish to instill in others and we believe Reality Rally fully encompasses this belief. Raising money for breast cancer is one thing, but Reality Rally is so much more than that. We are so honored and blessed to be a part of this creative movement because it allows people to join together in a fun-filled, positive environment with the purpose of inspiring not only those affected by breast cancer, but all of us as well.

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You may ask . . .


Why did we book over 7,000 volunteer hours in 2017?

Why do we neglect friends and family the week of the big event?

Why do expend mind, body, and spirit throughout the year to produce a first class, innovative event and fundraiser?

Why do we make over a 1,000 phone call and send over 10,000 emails?

We do it all for a non-profit called “Michelle’s Place.”

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